2017-193: Mosaic Mandala – upgrade 2

My painting progress for today:

[Select an image for a larger view]

Mosaic Mandala

Today I focused on bringing to life rounds three and five, and the center star. While everything in the background is blue, each round has its own personality of blue, its own shape. With the addition of pearl in the center, the whole design feels like its transforming into an intricate star pattern with different levels of energy penetrating outward, starting with the most concentrated energy in the center, then branching outward from their in all directions.

Read more about the Mosaic Mandala via this week’s Mandala of the Week post.

About the Mandalas of the Day:

I post a variety of in-progress art for that day which can include mandalas from the Mandala of the Week, the Mandala of the Month, the Mandala of the Year, or the Mandala Meditation Stones.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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