2017-324: The Astrological Sign of Libra – Day 1

Today I started on the sixth sign of the Astrological Wheel: Libra – The Scales of Justice.

My coloring progress for today:

[Select an image for a larger view]

In 2012 I created a hyperbolic tessellation mandala for each of the zodiac signs. For Libra, its symbol is represented as a scale.

I started this one with a light pink background for the six more square-ish sections. The next time I color this, I’m pretty sure a complementary color will be going in the background of the more triangular-looking sections in between. This whole piece feels like it wants to promote balance.

Read about the “Sign of Libra” as a Mandala of the Week.

About the Mandalas of the Day:

I post a variety of in-progress art for that day which can include mandalas from the Mandala of the Week, the Mandala of the Month, the Mandala of the Year, or the Mandala Meditation Stones.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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