22-011 Spinning Wheels

Today’s Mandala
Spinning Wheels

Our world is essentially divided into two categories: matter and energy.

Energy breaks down into two groups: potential (stored energy) and kinetic (the energy of moving objects).

For an object to move there must be a force that causes the object to move, change direction, speed up, slow down, or stop. Without some force an object will either continue to move or it will continue to rest. Some forces work against movement (friction); matter rubbing against matter, it slows the object and creates heat. (this concludes today’s science lesson.)

Today’s mandala asks us to take a look at our goals, aspirations, and dreams to determine where we are with them energetically.

  • Are they sitting still as potential energy?
  • Are they trying to move forward however some friction prevents them from doing so?
  • Are they needing some “force” to jumpstart them?
  • Are they needing some “force” to move them in a different direction
  • Or maybe it’s time to let some of them go?

The beginning of a new year lends itself well for reviewing our upcoming (or ongoing, or hope-to-do) projects. We may find that it serves us better to place all of our energy into just a few important ones. (see ”Focus” Mandala) Otherwise we may find ourselves spinning our wheels from overwhelm, without any clear direction as to what to do next.


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s how it started…

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