22-010 See Clearly

Today’s Mandala
I Can See Cearly Now

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds

that had me blind.
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day

– John Lester Nash Jr

What needs to happen in order for us to see more clearly? …to be able to see more clearly our inner truth and the inner truth of others. At our core, our common truth is that we are loving, caring, helpful beings. Unfortunately, everyday life (pain, loss, illness, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, etc) tends to overshadow and/or warp these truths.

When we can connect more (even for a moment) with these inner truths, the better we can see past the outer false layers of ourselves and others. Some ways to make these inner truth connections:

  • meditate
  • savor a great piece of chocolate (or your treat of choice)
  • deep conscious breathing
  • coloring (or the creative activity of your choosing)
  • embrace positive affirmations
  • lend a hand to someone
  • go for a walk
  • just be in nature (hug a tree)
  • listen to a favorite piece of music
  • read (or listen to) an uplifting book
  • hang out with friends (in person or virtually)

Ultimately: Just Be Still and Know


The Mandala Lady

btw…this is how it looked before I started…

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