22-016 The Heart Wants

Today’s Mandala
The Heart Wants

“The heart wants what it wants.
It doesn’t seek other people’s opinions; sometimes not even your own.
– Steve Maraboli

The mind can calculate,
but the spirit yearns,
and the heart wants
what the heart wants.”
– Stephen King

The heart wants what it wants,
or else it does not care.
– Emily Dickinson

The heart wants what the heart wants” is usually attributed to romantic love. With today’s mandala, it refers more to our heart’s desire, to that which makes our hearts sing. In our day-to-day existence we can often overlook our heart’s desire. Our mind (thoughts) can overwhelm us with distractions, negativity, fear, stress, and the like.

Today’s mandala asks us to spend some time connecting with our hearts. It can be something as simple as placing a hand over the heart, taking a few deep breaths, and then aligning our breath with our heartbeat. In that moment we can ask “what does my heart want?”. Sometimes just stopping for a couple of minutes is all it needs in order to feel heard.

On a larger scale, connecting with the heart means knowing what we want and removing any internal obstacles blocking us from making our heart’s desire a reality.

  • How and why are we sabotaging our progress?
  • What doubts and fears impede our forward movement?
  • How can we let go and move past the distractions?
  • What baby steps can we take today?
  • It’s okay to be scared…feel the fear and step forward anyway.

If it helps, know that: ”people are waiting for what we have to offer”. Let that be our mantra, our motivation. Or feel free to use whatever mantra works best for you.

Also know that:

The heart wants us to succeed.
The heart wants us to thrive.
The heart wants us to care.


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s how it started today…

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