22-027 Intentions

Today’s Mandala
The Power of Intentions

When your intention is clear,
so is the way.” — Alan Cohen 

Like seeds on the wind
our intentions spread far and wide
unfurling their power as they go
until they find the environment
balanced just right for our dreams
to take root and begin to grow.
— Cristen Rodgers

Become very clear about your intentions
and desires, know that you deserve them,
and then firmly put your foot down to the
universe commanding these changes
(while simultaneously surrendering
control over how this will occur).
All the doors will open for you as a result!” — Doreen Virtue

Today’s MotD reminds us of the power of setting intentions and to give guidance on how best to set them.

  • make it present tense
  • make it positive
  • make it about the what vs the how
  • then let it go
  • be prepared

For example, whenever I travel for an appointment I set the intention: ”I arrive safely, quickly, and easily and in plenty of time for my appointment.” It’s in present tense, stated positively, and with just the what. I set up my gps and trust my intention. A couple of times I was approaching a traffic jam but with my gps I managed to avoid it and still arrive within minutes of my appointment.

Another example. Whenever I have to call customer service (of any company), I set the intention: “I am smiling when I finish this call because my issue is resolved quickly and easily.” So I gather all the necessary information, take a few deep breaths, and then I call.

By letting go of the ”how” we allow the “what” to unfold in ways that could be far better than or even beyond that which we intended.

With today’s mandala, think of the mandala as the intention (what) and the background is the Universe (God, Angels, Powers that Be, etc) working towards making that or something better happen for us (how).

If you’re into Abraham-Hicks, you may find this video about intentions helpful. https://youtu.be/hPOBo_hrjtM


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s the starting image…

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