22-031 Change

Today’s Mandala

“If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it,
change your attitude.”
— Maya Angelou

Change will not come if we wait
for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
We are the change that we seek.
— Barack Obama

It is not the strongest of the species
that survive, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.
— Charles Darwin

Today’s MotD reminds us of the words by Greek Philosopher Heraclitus: “The only constant in life is change.” To resist change is futile, creating stress, anxiety, and frustration. It serves us better to accept the change and from that space determine the next course of action, if any.

Please know that ”acceptance” is more about being present with what is versus a form of condoning. For example if a dear friend decides to move far away, we can fight it, do all we can to change their mind, causing anxiety and anger, or we can accept it, enjoy the time we have together, and make plans to “see” other in different ways.

Whether we created the change or the change ”happened” to us, the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we can adapt and/or plan accordingly.

We leave you with a modified version of the Serenity Prayer:

To the Powers that Be, grant me
Serenity to accept the things
beyond my control to change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And Wisdom to know the difference.

(original version written by Reinhold Niebuhr)


The Mandala Lady

btw…here’s what I started with…

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