22-051 Building Blocks

Today’s Mandala
Building Blocks

“Our stumbling blocks
are transformed into building blocks.”

— Ava Cadell

“Remember the importance
of small actions.
They’re the building blocks
in the architecture of your life,
the quiet victories
you win for yourself each day.”

— Diane Dreher

“Don’t let mental blocks control you.
Set yourself free.
Confront your fear
and turn the mental blocks
into building blocks.”

— Dr Roopleen

Today’s MotD points out that each of our experiences, heck each of our lifetimes (if you so believe) is just another building block in this thing we call consciousness. One builds on the other. Take away one experience and the whole of our existence changes.

We can treat these experiences (lifetimes) as mental blocks that inhibit our growth or we can adopt the ”building block” scenario. If we want to explore deeper, we can journal or meditate on how these events added to our experience instead of looking at them as ordeals and from a place of ”whoa is me”. It’s a challenge and yet the rewards are great.

It’s like in a photo, if we take out the shadows, we loose the sense of depth. The photo becomes flat and two dimensional. The shadow gives us our bearings. We can tell from where the light is coming. We can better tell the interrelationship of all the objects and/or people in the photo. We can see the three-dimensional-ness of the image.

It’s through our building blocks where we gain our depth of experience and dimensional-ness.

“Try something.
And never be afraid to fail.
That failure is useful too.
It’s just another building block.”

— Ricky Gervais


The Mandala Lady

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