22-065 A Maze

Today’s Mandala
A Maze

The future is an ever-shifting maze of
possibilities until it becomes the present

— Terry Brooks

“To walk safely
through the maze of human life,
one needs the light of wisdom
and the guidance of virtue.

— Gautama Buddha

Running through the maze of life,
you come across profound
ambiguities and complexities.
Yet the essence of living a meaningful life
remains simple— following your heart
and pursuing your life purpose.

— Dr. Roopleen

Today’s MotD suggests rather than feel like we’re stuck or lost in the maze of life, find ways to be amazed by the life we’re in. Or…

“At times, the solution to a maze is
to reduce it to embers and
walk straight through the ashes.”

— Mary Doria Russell


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…

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