22-078 Messages

Today’s Mandala

What message is needed
when heart speaks to heart?

— Ramana Maharshi

Trust that your message is a unique one
that people need to hear.

— Kathryn Budig

“Every happening, great and small,
is a parable whereby
[The Universe] speaks to us,
and the art of life
is to get the message.”

— Malcolm Muggeridge

Today’s MotD speaks to two types of messaging; the ones we share with others (directly or indirectly) and the ones coming from beyond our 3D world (Those of the Light: The Universe, God, Allah, Jehovah, Angels, etc.)

The ones we share of ourselves with others are messages unique to us, in our own unique style. Some people will embrace it, others will ignore it. Someone with a similar message but different style will be heard by those who pass on ours. It’s all good.

The Messages sent from beyond our 3D world, those of the Light, are universally sent with a broader reach. Here too, some will pick up on them, others are either closed to receiving them or are unaware of their existence. Through meditative-live activities and the intent to hear these Light Messages, we will receive them in one way, shape, or form.

Light Messages come to us in various ways including: objects, symbols, dreams, words, thoughts, images, coincidences, and through other people. Becoming aware of whether the message is a true Light Message or coming from the ego (brain), requires checking in with how it feels. Does it feel expansive in the body or does it feel more heavy or compressed? The more we practice the easier it gets. Know that in the beginning it will be more hit or miss; pay attention either way as they both give helpful clues.

Usually if messages come as a thought that starts with ”I” (“I need to go to the store”, ”I should call my mother”, ”should I bring my umbrella?”) that’s the ego/brain message. Light Messages (in their simplest form) usually come more as a command ”go to the store”, ”call your mother”, “bring your umbrella”.

When in doubt…

When you want your message to be
heard, always speak from your heart.

— Molly Friedenfeld


The Mandala Lady

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