22-085 It’s Possible

Today’s Mandala
It’s Possible

“If you think it is possible,
it will be possible.
If you think it is impossible,
the imposible will be possible.
Whatever you think;
whether posible or impossible
will forever be possible to happen.” 

— Israelmore Ayivor

“Nothing is impossible,
the word itself says
‘I’m possible’!”

— Audry Hepburn

“It’s all I want you to do
when you look at your dream,
just say to yourself every day:
It’s possible.
Just say that every day to yourself:
it’s possible.”

— Les Brown

Today’s MotD wants us to know that if we are struggling with believing in something, someone, or more importantly, believing in ourselves, than start with daily mantra: ”it’s possible”. From there “belief” is just a step away.

  • It’s possible that ____________ can happen
  • It’s possible that ____________ can change
  • It’s possible for me to make my dream a reality
  • It’s possible that I can succeed
  • It’s possible for me to achieve what I want to achieve
  • It’s possible for me to be who I want to be
  • It’s possible…it’s _all_ possible

This is the best 59 minutes on the topic of ”It’s Possible” by Les Brown… well worth the time investment…


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…


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