22-115 Radar

Today’s Mandala

“Sometimes you want to skate along
or just get by or fly under the radar,
but sometimes you have to stand up
and let your voice be heard
and give it your best
and give it your all.”

— Angela Bassett

Faith is like radar
that sees through the fog
the reality of things at a distance
that the human eye cannot see.

— Corrie Ten Boom

It’s easy to be afraid
of taking a plunge, because,
after all, plunging is dangerous.
And the fear is a safe way
to do nothing at all.
Wading, on the other hand,
gets under the radar.
It gives you a chance to begin.

—Seth Godin

Today’s MotD encourages us to tune into that which is beyond our five senses. Most of us already do to some degree without even realizing it. We may have an inkling of it for instance when we walk into a new-to-us place and then feel like we have to quickly get out…without knowing why.

Through practicing awareness with the intention of increasing our sensory perception (our inner radar), we improve our ability to discern what feels like a ”yes” and what feels like a ”no”; what feels like something to embrace and what feels like something to release; what feels like something that is coming from beyond our five senses and what feels like something coming from our ego self.

A good place to start is to stop what we doing several times throughout the day, do a couple of deep breaths to center and ground ourselves, and then check in with our body, mind, and spirit. What do we notice? What feels good? What feels off? Are we tense? Are we enjoying what we’re doing? What can we do to improve this moment? Is there something else we could be doing?

Tuning into and learning how to trust our inner radar gives us the insight and guidance that helps build our confidence, our courage, and our tenacity.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…

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