22-123 Bubbles

Today’s Mandala

“Collaboration is like
carbonation for fresh ideas.
Working together bubbles up ideas
you would not have come up with solo,
which gets you further faster.”

— Caroline Ghosn

“Real change occurs from the bottom up;
it occurs person to person,
and it almost always occurs
in small groups and locales
and then bubbles up and aggregates
to larger vectors of change.”

— Paul Hawken

“I enjoy the beauty of the bubble,
they’re fluid and yet
they have these geometric shapes
so they do surprising things
– two spheres become a single sphere –
it’s what bubbles do.”

— Tom Noddy

Today’s MotD recognizes that we all exist in our own little bubbles, without knowing much about what’s going on in anyone else’s bubble. We are thus encouraged to allow ourselves to co-exist with other bubbles in such a way as to maintain our own truth while honoring the truth of others and without losing our bubble through merging or bursting in the process.

In other words, we are encouraged to co-exist in a healthy, playful, interdependent way.


The Mandala Lady

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