22-144 Detach

Today’s Mandala

“Ultimately spiritual awareness
unfolds when you’re flexible,
when you’re spontaneous,
when you’re detached,
when you’re easy on yourself
and easy on others.”

— Deepak Chopra

“Slip into the gap, have the desire,
detach from the outcome,
and let the universe
take care of the details.”

— Deepak Chopra

“When you feel yourself in the grip
of an emotion such as jealousy or anger
or sorrow, detach yourself from it.
Take a step back.
When you do that,
you can allow the emotion
to run through you without causing
negative thoughts or actions.”

— Gary Zukav

Today’s MotD asks us to consider the concept of detachment, in particular, to detach from outcomes. Consider a slight shift in perception by doing things for the sake of doing them rather than focusing only on the outcome. Enjoy the process while letting the outcome unfold as it may.

For instance when running a marathon, if you only focus on the finish line, you end up missing the 26.2 miles it takes to get there. When we’re so fixed on the outcome, we lose site of the journey and miss out on other possible outcomes, which may turn out better than the original plan.

We are encouraged to set forth to the Universe with the intention we want to experience. Then it becomes our job to take the steps that we can, letting go of the outcome, while allowing the Universe to do its thing to come through with the details.

By detaching, l am allowing for this or something better to make manifest.


The Mandala Lady

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