22-143 Signals

Today’s Mandala

“Every human being has,
like Socrates, an attendant spirit;
and wise are they who obey its signals.
If it does not always tell us what to do,
it always cautions us what not to do.”

— Lydia M. Child

“You always know.
You have basic needs,
and when they aren’t met,
your body sends signals.
Hunger, loneliness, exhaustion,
thirst, and fear are all signals
that something is missing,
and you need to act on it now.”

— Mel Robbins

“Our emotions are encoded
in the heart signals we emit.
Use the energy you feel
to know how they are feeling.”

— Sam Owen

Today’s MotD encourages us to pay attention to our internal signals, they operate as our radar. We receive these signals from all of our bodily senses as well as our energetic senses. They let us know if we are in the flow or out of it. They let us know if what we’re about to do is in line with truth or not. They let us know if action needs to be taken or if it’s best to back off.

Some possible ways we receive these internal signals are: through bodily sensations (goosey-bumps, chills, an uplifting feeling, a dullish feeling, etc.) Our job is to learn what these various signals mean to us, to be mindful of our senses’ reactions to people, places, things, information, and so on.

For instance if you walk into a room and have the sense of a heavy weight, it may be a signal to be wary or it may mean that there’s some sadness related to the room or the people in it. If someone gives you some news and you get goosey-bumps, it can mean that you just heard something that’s aligned with truth. Or if we have a difficult decision to make, think of each option and notice if any sensations come up that help better inform you as to which option would serve you best.

By being more aligned with our inner guidance system, we have access to a valuable tool that can help us better navigate our day-to-day lives.


The Mandala Lady

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