22-151 Intent

Today’s Mandala

“In the universe there is an immeasurable,
indescribable force which shamans call
intent and absolutely everything
that exists in the entire cosmos
is attached to intent by a connecting link”

— Carlos Castaneda

“Every journey begins with the first step
of articulating the intention,
and then becoming the intention.”

— Bryant McGill

“Energy is directed
by intention into action.
If the action is not happening,
if you’re finding excuses to not do
whatever you set out to do,
revisit your intention.
Perhaps you were not being
honest with yourself.
Where is your energy flowing instead?
That is where your intention sits.”

— Akiroq Brost

Today’s MotD reminds us that the key to making things happen is our intent. Once an intent is established, our will gives us the drive and the wherewithal to make it happen. For instance, if our intent is to walk 2 miles a day, and we stay true to that intent, we will walk 2 miles a day. If one day we waver and decide to stay in bed, then the intent has changed to “staying in bed.”

Our challenge is to be aware at the first signs of wavering to remember our initial intent, “to walk 2 miles a day.” Let go of the idea of it being about will power. Instead is about intent. If we’re clear on our intent, we will be clear in our will.

To hear about the workings of intent and will, check out Michael Singer’s youtube post:


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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