22-150 Radiance

Today’s Mandala

“Don’t be afraid to shine.
Be the moon in the dark cold sky,
and let your inner radiance
be your main force.”

— Anoir Ou-chad

“We all find joy and radiance
and a reason to move on
even in the most dire of circumstances.
Even in chaos and madness,
there’s still a beauty that comes
from just the vibrancy
of another human spirit.”

— Ishmael Beah

“Love, whether newly born or
aroused from a deathlike slumber,
must always create sunshine,
filling the heart so full of radiance,
that it overflows upon the outward world.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne

Today’s MotD reminds us to connect with the power of our Inner Radiance. It shines inward and outward. Our quest is to find and embrace our Inner Light, removing the veils that limit our access to it. Then from this Inner Light-ness, let our radiance shine outward through what we create, what we do, and in our relationship with others, thus creating an energetic ripple effect of Love and Light that continues beyond infinity.

So where do we ”find” it? Luckily it already exists within each of us; all we need do is recognize it when it shines which is usually when we’re doing what we love to do. Once we recognize it, it becomes much easier to keep our radiance ”channel” open. And if we have trouble recognizing it in ourselves, pay attention to others who seem to always be radiant especially when they are doing what they love to do. If we can see it in others, we can see it in ourselves.


The Mandala Lady

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