22-164 Source

Today’s Mandala

“The most powerful,
efficient energy source
in the world is your own mind.
Explore and discover
that it can make
creative fuel from anything.”

— Bruce Garrabrandt

“The mind is the source
of happiness and unhappiness.”

— Buddha

“Our true destination
is finding our way back
to the source
of who we truly are.”

— Trudy Vesotsky

Today’s MotD asks us to examine the source of our beliefs, conditionings, rules, habits, and anything else that may be blocking access to our True Self. Often times these beliefs (etc) were instilled upon us at a time in our lives when we had yet to know better and because of that we trusted the source, usually from some form of authority (family, school, work, culture, religion, etc).

Now is our chance to look more closely at these beliefs (etc), consider the source, and tap into our Inner Guidance System to test their validity. Inspired by the KonMari method of tidying up*, we can look at each one and if it sparks joy, keep it, otherwise thank it and let it go.

For some of us, discovering our beliefs (etc) can be difficult. How can we change them if we don’t know what they are? One place to start is from the ”Better Relationships” site* where they offer a step-by-step approach.

Today’s MotD suggests a possible mantra for our quest: ”Consider the Source”


The Mandala Lady

(*I have no financial or otherwise affiliation with either of the sites mentioned in this post)

btw…started with this:


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