22-166 Warrior Pose

Today’s Mandala
Warrior Pose

“Warrior pose battles
inner weakness and wins focus.
You see that there is no war within you.
You are on your own side,
and you are your own strength.”

— Terri Guillemets

“Finding our inner power
is an essential ingredient
that is cultivated in the warrior poses.
We can discover this palpably
by learning to “stand our ground” –
connect to the earth beneath us.”

Awakening Self Web Site

“The warrior who trusts [their] path
doesn’t need to prove the other wrong.”

— Paulo Coelho

Today’s MotD inspires us to learn how to stand our ground, to trust in our own inner power, and to know intrinsically that we are whole and complete just as we are without anything to prove to anyone but ourselves.

Most if not all of our ”battles” stem from our inner battles. When we can learn to embrace our whole selves regardless of how we judge it as good or bad, we’ll realize that we are on our own side. So it then behooves us to the inner negotiation table and work our a strategy that honors and serves the whole empowered Inner Warrior self.

“Although foundational in nature,
what makes [the warrior pose]
unique, powerful, and
a bit complex at the same time,
is the fact that the students are required
to balance simultaneous movements
in different directions.
This act of balancing directly works
on creating stillness in the mind,
building focus, power, and stability,
thereby improving health
at a holistic level.”

Tummee Web Site


The Mandala Lady

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