22-167 Strong

Today’s Mandala

“If you feel lost, disappointed,
hesitant, or weak,
return to yourself, to who you are,
here and now and when you get there,
you will discover yourself,
like a lotus flower in full bloom,
even in a muddy pond,
beautiful and strong.” 

— Masaru Emoto

“To be strong does not mean
to sprout muscles and flex.
It means meeting one’s
own numinosity without fleeing,
actively living with the wild nature
in one’s own way.
It means to be able to learn,
to be able to stand what we know.
It means to stand and live.” 

— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“No matter who you are,
big or small, female or man,
brave or not brave,
you can still be
empowered and feel strong.” 

— Lights Poxlietner

Today’s MotD reminds us to embrace our Inner Power for we are stronger than we realize and it is our strength that inspires others to embrace their Inner Power. With each new experience that we go through (positive or negative) we become stronger and more confident….even if it seems like we failed. The key to ”failure” is to learn from it and dare to do better next time. Real failure is when we fail to learn from it and thus retreat in fear.

Most times, being strong is the ability to be vulnerable, to acknowledge what we’re going through, to ask for help if necessary, and/or to allow ourselves to be honest (with others and especially with ourselves). Other times being strong means acknowledging and appreciating all those who have helped us and supported us during our low times and our high times.

Ultimately, being strong means to tap into our Inner Power (which we all have) knowing that win or lose, we dare ourselves to dream, we dare ourselves to grow, we dare ourselves to move through our fears and limiting beliefs so that we can live our best lives.

For more on this, check out ”8 Ways to Harness Your Inner Power


The Mandala Lady

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