22-173 Expand

Today’s Mandala

“Gratitude helps you
to grow and expand;
gratitude brings joy
and laughter into your life
and into the lives
of all those around you.”

— Eileen Caddy

“The world we see
that seems so insane
is the result of a belief system
that is not working.
To perceive the world differently,
we must be willing
to change our belief system,
let the past slip away,
expand our sense of now,
and dissolve the fear in our minds.”

— William James

“Growth is uncomfortable;
you have to embrace the discomfort
if you want to expand.”

— Jonathan Majors

Today’s MotD encourages us to expand, to stretch, to grow, to try new things. All of it adds to the wealth of our experiences which in turn enables us to broaden our horizons and help others in the process. There is no good, bad or ugly; everything is just an experience that we can either embrace or resist. Know that any form of resistance is confining while embracing is expansive.

When we say ”embracing” we mean accepting what is and then determining what needs to happen next. When we’re in a state of resistance or denial, we avoid, digress, and otherwise ignore what “is” which only adds to the suffering and prolongs whatever action is needed.

In comedy improv, players take a ”yes, and” approach to scenes. Instead of saying no (or yes, but), to what someone else is offering (which is argumentative and gets us nowhere), they instead say ”yes and” which means to accept what is given and then build on it.

That’s what we’re being asked
to do in our day-to-day lives:
accept what is and then
build (expand) on that.


The Mandala Lady

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