22-172 Messenger

Today’s Mandala

“That is what the intuition is for:
it is the direct messenger of the soul.”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Whenever you have truth
it must be given with love,
or the message and the messenger
will be rejected.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

“Change your conception of yourself
and you will automatically change
the world in which you live.
Do not try to change people;
they are only messengers
telling you who you are.
Revalue yourself
and they will confirm the change.”

— Neville Goddard

Today’s MotD asks us to pay attention to the messages we send: written, verbal, or otherwise. Often times it’s not so much what we say but how we say it or what we do, otherwise known as mixed messages. For example, if we’re wanting to promote messages of peace but we’re angry or argumentative about it. And there are times when not saying anything sends the loudest message of all.

We’re being asked to take a look at what we put out in the world. What’s the message we want to convey? Hope? Fear? Joy? Peace? Anger? How are we doing that? More importantly, we have to look at our inward messaging. What messages are we sending to ourselves? Are they supportive? Positive? Negative? Neutral?

We begin by listening and noticing, which requires some mindfulness on our part. As we start catching the our negative or mixed messages, then we can start changing them to be more on point with our intention…loud and clear.


The Mandala Lady

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