22-171 Transcendence

Today’s Mandala

“Remarkable contributions
are typically spawned
by a passionate commitment
to transcendent values
such as beauty, truth, wisdom,
justice, charity, fidelity,
joy, courage and honor.”

— Gary Hamel

“I trust that when people meet,
we meet for a transcendent reason,
and that the challenges
we face in life
are always lessons
that serve our soul’s growth.”

— Marianne Williamson

“Soul transcendence
is a simple path.
There is nothing
you need to do.
Simply open your awareness
to all that is around you
and all that is within you
and follow the loving.”

— John-Roger with Pauli Sanderson

Today’s MotD encourages us to seek transcendence, to rise above our limitations and our circumstances, for the greater good of all, ourselves included. It’s a tall order and at the same time achievable…with time and practice. And as the last quote states, it’s simple. Be in the moment, in a state of awareness and gratitude. Yes, some things make this challenging, almost impossible, however if we practice accepting and transcending what is (which does not mean condoning or giving up) with the small stuff, we’ll be better able to handle the challenging stuff in the same way.

A simple example I like to use is a shopping mall. When you first walk in, you have to accept where you are (usually looking at the mall map). You have to be aware of where you are in order to know how to get from where you are to where you want to go. If you never look at the map, if you never acknowledge your location, you’ll be roaming all over the place trying to figure out where you need to go.

When we can rise above ourselves and our situations we have a better view of what matters most and can better determine our trajectory…all from this sense of the highest good of all…ourselves included.


The Mandala Lady

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