22-176 Sovereign

Today’s Mandala

these three alone lead life
to sovereign power.”

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

“The first and greatest victory
is to conquer yourself.”

— Plato

“Nothing adds such dignity
to character as the recognition
of one’s self- sovereignty.”

— Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Today’s MotD essentially reminds us that ultimately we are each responsible for our own lives, our beliefs, our actions. Yes, things happen that are beyond our control and yet we still have control over how we respond to them. We can choose to be victims (helpless) or we can choose to embrace our own inner power (hopeful).

“I choose power” works as a potential centering mantra. From this place of inner power, we can better determine how best to respond to any situation or issue. And when we speak of power we’re talking about our own inner power vs having power over others. Everyone is entitled to be in their own personal power.

For more with this, this article may be helpful: Reclaim your Power and Sovereignty Over Your Own Life

”The most common way
people give up their power
is by thinking
they don’t have any.”

— Alice Walker


The Mandala Lady

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