22-177 Vibes

Today’s Mandala

“With the right vibes
and the right people,
it’s easy to create
something magical.”

— Dinah Jane

“You don’t have to
live up to anyone else’s standards,
you don’t have to
look like anyone else,
you don’t have to
compare yourself to anyone else.
You being you is enough,
and you putting your positivity
and good vibes out into the world,
once you get to that point
absolutely everything
will fall into place.”

— Lizzie Velasquez

“I believe in karma,
and I believe if you
put out positive vibes
to everybody,
that’s all you’re going to get back.”

— Kesha

Today’s MotD reminds us that everything has a vibe (energy) including us. We have the ability to (consciously or unconsciously) alter our vibes across a full spectrum of emotions. Just as plants and animals can pick up on vibes outside of themselves, we too can pick up on vibes. Ever walk into a room full of people and feel like “oh, this is nice. I want to stay here” or “Ack! Let’s get out of here ASAP!? That’s our internal radar picking up the overall vibe of the room. Unless we grew up in an environment that honored our vibes sensor, it tends to atrophy over time.

With this mandala we are encouraged to practice noticing the vibes that we project. And just as importantly to practice sensing the vibes of people, places, and things around us. When taking a walk in nature, for instance, stop occasionally to notice the energy/vibe of the surrounding vegetation. Is there a different vibe from each tree? Is the grass giving off a different vibe than a park bench? How about the pathway? Is there a difference when it’s empty than when people are walking on it?

The more we tune into the vibes in and around us, the more confidence we gain with trusting our vibes sensor (internal radar, gut, etc). By “tuning in” we can gain the ability to know when to move forward and when to move away. Our brains are great at analyzing our physical surroundings using our five senses; our vibes sensor (gut) picks up on our energetic surroundings, giving us more refined (and sometimes more accurate) information.

For the fun of it, I wanted to embed this video however it was inaccessible, so instead here’s the video link to a blast from the past: The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations. For the audio check out Good Vibrations. btw…In it’s time it was quite innovative…IMHO…and the harmonies!


The Mandala Lady

btw…start with this:


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