22-181 Majesty

Today’s Mandala

“There is a serene and settled majesty
to woodland scenery
that enters into the soul
and delights and elevates it,
and fills it with noble inclinations.”

— Washington Irving

“If you think of feelings you have
when you are awed by something
– for example, knowing that elements
in your body trace to exploded stars –
I call that a spiritual reaction,
speaking of awe and majesty,
where words fail you.”

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

“I get my best ideas in a thunderstorm.
I have the power and majesty
of nature on my side.”

— Ralph Steadman

Today’s MotD invites us to focus on one of the definitions for the word “majesty”: impressive stateliness, dignity, or beauty. How can we witness or even incorporate the essence of these words in our day-to-day lives? Mother Nature offers us plenty of places where such majesty exists; she shows us how to do it. We as humans have the free will to embrace it, ignore it, or, sadly, destroy it.

We are encouraged to find the majesty all around us. Even a simple dandelion growing through a crack in the sidewalk is quite an awesome feat if we think about it. We are also encouraged to seek the majesty from within: physically, mentally, and emotionally. How amazing are our bodies, our minds, our hearts? Do we take them for granted? Do we take care of them? Do we treat them with dignity?

So much of our existence is amazing and yet often overlooked. Yes, things happen that are unpleasant, sad, even cruel and yet if we allow ourselves to stop for a moment, being fully present and centered, an opportunity to be in awe of what’s happening around us will present itself.


The Mandala Lady

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