22-187 Build

Today’s Mandala

“You cannot hope to build
a better world without
improving the individuals.
To that end, each of us must work
for [their] own improvement
and, at the same time,
share a general responsibility
for all humanity,
our particular duty being
to aid those to whom we think
we can be most useful.”

— Marie Curie

“The one thing that you have
that nobody else has is you.
Your voice, your mind,
your story, your vision.
So write and draw and build
and play and dance
and live as only you can.”

— Neil Gaiman

“You build on failure.
You use it as a stepping stone.
Close the door on the past.
You don’t try to forget the mistakes,
but you don’t dwell on it.
You don’t let it have
any of your energy, or
any of your time, or
any of your space.”

— Johnny Cash

Today’s MotD reminds us that what we do, day-to-day, year-to-year, is build upon what we’ve already done. Each level is a stepping stone to the next. It may be that between yesterday and today, we took so small a step it was barely noticeable. Yet, if we look back a year ago, we may find that we’ve grown, expanded more than we’ve realized.

Yes it’s fun and exciting to make progress by leaps and bounds; it’s certainly viable. There’s also something to be said about going ”slow and steady”, as the tortoise did in that fabled race. (If you look closely, you might be able to spot a tortoise in the mandala’s center.)

Whatever the pace, understand that our lives are a process whereby everything we experience builds upon all of our previous experiences. Contrary to what we may believe, nothing is ever wasted. And starting _we_ have the opportunity to _consciously_ decide how and what we want to build.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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