22-188 Prism

Today’s Mandala

“Life is like a prism.
What you see
depends on how you turn the glass.”

— Jonathan Kellerman

“The white light streams down
to be broken up by those human prisms
into all the colors of the rainbow.
Take your own color in the pattern
and be just that.”

— Charles R. Brown

“Perception is merely reality filtered
through the prism of your soul.”

— Christopher A. Ray

Today’s MotD gives us another view of perception and perspective. Everything we experience comes through the filters of our perspective (beliefs, fears, conditioning, habits, etc). Like a prism it can come in one way and then go out through another.

Our challenge becomes one where we practice consciously choosing how we take in each experience. Ultimately, it serves us best to recognize everything as neutral and then decide, from a place of awareness, how best to respond, if at all.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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