22-196 Teamwork

Today’s Mandala

“Unity is strength…
when there is teamwork
and collaboration,
wonderful things can be achieved.”

— Mattie Stepanek

“It is teamwork
that makes the dream work.”

— Jay Rock

“The nicest thing about teamwork
is that you always have others
on your side.”

— Margaret Carty

Today’s MotD presents to us a different view of teamwork: we each come into this life with a Team of Light Beings (guides, angels, etc) who offer insight and guidance when we reach out to them. And even better: we are an equal (Earthly) member of this Team.

So how does that work? For me it works this way. I do a form of meditation where I visualize meeting with them to ask for whatever insight or guidance they can offer about a particular issue or project. I talk with them about what I need and ask questions. Often times I’ll ”hear”, ”see”, or ”sense” an answer that resonates with me (usually goosy-bumps or some other bodily reaction). Other times, insights come later: in my dreams, or someone happens to call (email, text, visits) with just the info I need, or I happen to see something that triggers the insight (like remembering a dream I thought I forgot), or I happen to meet someone new who knows what I need to know or can lead me in the proper direction.

Prior to realizing the idea of having a Team, I always had the sense that ”someone” was there to help because it seemed that whenever I decided to do something that felt right, things just seemed to fall into place quickly and easily…as if meant to be.

For me, I like knowing I have a Team who supports me even if they exist in a different form than our 3D world. Whether they’re real or not, it’s at least fun to play with the idea of having a Team of Light Beings on the sidelines cheering us on.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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