22-195 Jellyfish

Today’s Mandala

“When you move like a jellyfish,
rhythm is nothing.
You go with the flow.
You don’t stop.”

— Jack Johnson

“I think life’s a bit of what you make it
and a little smidgen
of you being the jellyfish,
and the tides just gently
helping you along.”

— Andrew Buchan

“Give us grace and strength
to forbear and to persevere.
Give us courage and gaiety
and the quiet mind,
spare to us our friends,
soften to us our enemies.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Today’s MotD inspires us with the movements of jellyfish. They show us grace and flow, steady and slow. At times they momentarily stop just long enough to “regroup”, creating an increase of momentum, pulsing them forward.

Yes, they do have a bit of a bad wrap because they can sting when confronted…but aren’t we all like that to some degree? It’s in those times where tapping into our inner grace helps us avoid “stinging” others. (As it turns out, four species of jellyfish exist that are stingless to humans in Kakaban Lake in Indonesia.)

We’re being reminded that sometimes we seem to be moving through life as if running through mud. In actuality we may just be in a ”regroup” mode (a stepping back) where momentum is building that will gently pulse us forward. Kind of like the ”cha-cha”: two steps forward, one step back. When in doubt, we are encouraged to just ”flow” with it and with grace.

And for your viewing pleasure: live cam of jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium


The Mandala Lady

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