22-194 Search

Today’s Mandala

“[Human] –
a being in search of meaning.”

— Plato

“You can search
throughout the entire universe
for someone who is more deserving
of your love and affection
than you are yourself,
and that person
is not to be found anywhere.
You yourself,
as much as anybody
in the entire universe
deserve your love and affection.”

— Buddha

“Consciously or not,
we are all on a quest for answers,
trying to learn the lessons of life.
We grapple with fear and guilt.
We search for meaning, love, and power.
We try to understand fear, loss, and time.
We seek to discover who we are
and how we can become truly happy.”

— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Today’s MotD encourages us to take into consideration that which we _truly_ seek: a total sense of inner well-being. We think it’s something outside of ourselves that will do that for us (new jobs, new relationships, new houses, new clothes, etc). They can and do…for a while, but in time it eludes us…because we have yet to first establish our well-being from the inside. Just go into any thrift or used store…they are filled with things we thought would fulfill us but now no longer do.

The feeling of well-being is an inside job. From that state, our perspective about “things” (people, objects, events, etc) changes. We find we no longer _need_ them for the purpose of fulfilling us; they instead become “things” that enliven our lives. We experience them in a more continual state of gratitude, thus adding to our own well-being and the well-being of others.


The Mandala Lady

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