22-212 Ancestors

Today’s Mandala

“We are a continuum.
Just as we reach back
to our ancestors
for our fundamental values,
so we, as guardians of that legacy,
must reach ahead to
our children and their children.
And we do so
with a sense of sacredness
in that reaching.”

— Paul Tsongas

We are bound to our ancestors
and to those who made us,
whether we want to be or not.
What matters is what we make
of what we are.

— Kate Elliott

We are the ancestors of the future
and what we do now
will have an impact.

— Luisah Teish

Today’s MotD reminds us that it is no small feat that we are here right now. Without our ancestors’ tenacity, their will to live, to thrive, to innovate, and, more importantly to us, produce future generations, we’d still be stardust particles bouncing around from galaxy to galaxy.

The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly of our ancestors have created the opportunity for use to be here. We are encouraged to honor their trials and tribulations, knowing that they did the best with what they had and were able to do and be.

Looking back helps us to better understand how we got here and how we can hopefully build upon (and improve) what they started. In looking forward, hopefully, we do the best we can with what we are able to do while we are here so that future generations will look back with honor at our contributions.

An appropriate daily prompt for today’s MotD: In what (small or large) way can I make the world a better place today?


The Mandala Lady

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