22-211 Hidden

Today’s Mandala

“When we tackle obstacles,
we find hidden reserves of courage
and resilience we did not know we had.
And it is only when
we are faced with failure
do we realise that these resources
were always there within us.
We only need to find them
and move on with our lives.”

— A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

In every [grown up]
a child is hidden
that wants to play.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

No matter what twists and turns
your life offers you, your ability
to be adaptable and flexible
will help you to stay open
to all of the hidden gifts
that difficulty may offer.”

— Mandy Ingber

Today’s MotD asks us to consider what valuable resources (talents, gifts, abilities, etc) within us that we keep hidden from ourselves…and ultimately from others. Too often we tend to downplay our ”resources”, thinking it’s no big deal, or we never received any positive feedback or support about it, or it’s something that would seem weird to claim as a “talent”. It matters little how our “talents” look to others, if it helps us and/or others in some way, it’s of value and serves us to bring it out of the shadows and into the light.

For instance, one of my talents (and I’m serious) is the ability to find and make room in the refrigerator for all the leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal (or any big meal with lots of leftovers). You may laugh, but my mother really appreciated it (and now my husband does). While it won’t necessary get me a job anywhere, it does show that I have some mean spatial and organizing skills, which I apply any time I need to sort out anything.

Today, we are being encouraged to honestly and deeply explore our abilities that we’ve hidden from ourselves consciously or unconsciously…and to embrace them, to honor them, and to share them. For help with discovering what these may be, Dr. Judith Wright of the Wright Foundation, posted this article on their web site: How to Discover Your Hidden Talents and Share Them

As a side note…while this idea of hidden could apply to hurtful issues we have stuffed and stored away deep inside, for today’s mandala we’re focusing mainly on positive traits we’ve allowed ourselves to ignore, neglect, or overlook and then bringing them to light. Of course you’re free to take whatever focus that best serves you at this time.


The Mandala Lady

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