22-215 Orbits

Today’s Mandala

“Once you are in
the orbit of your destiny,
weightlessness is the only result.”

— Baba Amte

“We drop like pebbles
into the ponds of each other’s souls,
and the orbit of our ripples
continues to expand,
intersecting with countless others.”

— Joan Z. Borysenko

“Two tasks at the beginning of your life:
to narrow your orbit more and more,
and ever and again to check
whether you are not in hiding
somewhere outside your orbit.”

— Franz Kafka

Today’s MotD reminds us that we each experience our life here like individual “worlds” orbiting in and around everyone and everything to some varying degree. Some “worlds” we experience directly in our day-to-day lives; others are experienced from a distance.

Our challenge becomes figuring out how best to orbit around each other in such a way that we are supportive while maintaining healthy boundaries. Tall order. Mainly it takes being consciously aware, being present, and being considerate of others…all without sacrificing who we are (our personal world) and what we want to create for ourselves (our personal orbit).


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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