22-216 Transformation

Today’s Mandala

“Transformation is a process,
and as life happens
there are tons of ups and downs.
It’s a journey of discovery –
there are moments on mountaintops
and moments in
deep valleys of despair.”

— Rick Warren

“First comes thought;
then organization of that thought,
into ideas and plans;
then transformation
of those plans into reality.
The beginning, as you will observe,
is in your imagination.”

— Napoleon Hill

“Personal transformation
can and does have global effects.
As we go, so goes the world,
for the world is us.
The revolution that will save the world
is ultimately a personal one.”

— Marianne Williamson

Today’s MotD reminds us that while some transformations can happen overnight, most times it’s a slow process the speeds up exponentially making it seem to others that it happens overnight. Regardless of how long it takes, it requires us to be patient, kind, and compassionate with ourselves.

The first step is just noticing what exactly we want to change. That requires us to be consciously aware as we go about our days to those things about ourselves that keep us from realizing our full potential.

  • It could be that we notice that if we were to wake up an hour earlier in the morning, we seem to have more time and are able to accomplish more.
  • It could be that we notice that we flit from one thing to another without any direction, realizing that maybe having a some form of plan could greatly enhance how we spend our time.
  • It could be that we notice that we seem to always find something else to do when we are about to work on a project that we deemed as important to us, maybe realizing it’s time to figure out why and work through it.

Thomas J. Law of Oberlo writes: “It’s totally possible to learn how to change your life and live your dreams – it might not feel like it could be that way, but it’s true.” To help us get started he offers 10 Powerful Steps to Change Your Life.

“To transform yourself,
you don’t need to do big things.
Just do small things in big way.
Transformation will follow you!”

— Rahul Sinha


The Mandala Lady

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