22-220 Facets

Today’s Mandala

“I think you can have varied
and seemingly contradictory
depictions of a single person
because we all have many facets
and, in a way, many selves.”

— Maya Soetoro-Ng

“There is no Them.
There are only facets of Us.”

— John Green

“Every facet,
every department of your mind,
is to be programmed by you.
And unless you assume
your rightful responsibility,
and begin to program your own mind,
the world will program it for you.”

— Jack Kornfield

Today’s MotD reminds us that we all have many facets to our being-ness, both on this earthly plane and beyond. To judge something based on one or two things limits our capacity to fully access what’s really going on around us, or to truly know what’s going on with others.

There’s more to each of us than meets the senses. Too often these days we make assumptions based on whatever labels get attached to people (ie: type of job, cultural background, gender/non-gender, politics, etc). We are encouraged to make the effort to go beyond the labels so that we can more honestly get to know others and to understand their multi-faceted-ness.

And this goes for us individually. We each have many selves (work self, play self, family member self, alone self, social self, external self, internal self, etc). We are encouraged to make the effort to get to know the many facets that make up our being-ness along with any of the limiting, harmful labels we apply to ourselves, or worse the ones we took on from others.

Like the many facets of a precious gemstone, we are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings, each experiencing a singular life form on a polarity driven, gravity-based, three-dimensional world. Awesome sauce! Let’s make the most of it.


The Mandala Lady

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