22-219 Daybreak

Today’s Mandala

“A rare experience
of a moment at daybreak,
when something in nature
seems to reveal all consciousness,
cannot be explained at noon.
Yet it is part of the day’s unity.”

— Charles Ives

“It is well to be up before daybreak,
for such habits contribute
to health, wealth, and wisdom.”

— Aristotle

“But do not look down
on even the most minute of things;
for with the coming of daybreak,
even the tiniest particles of dust
in this world
sing and dance
in the sunlight.”

— Wang Anyi

Today’s MotD encourages us to celebrate each new day, for with it comes new opportunities, new possibilities, new perspectives. Just acknowledging that we made it to another day is a miracle; not everyone gets another day.

One way we can celebrate is by creating an uplifting morning routine, whether short (a few minutes) or long (30+ minutes). For some ideas, check out 30 Morning Rituals to Bring You Joy by Amanda Kohr on Wanderlust.com

Leaving behind
nights of terror and fear, I rise.
Into a daybreak
that’s wondrously clear, I rise.

— Maya Angelou

And I just had to include some of the lyrics from Barry Manilow’s song: “Daybreak”. (click on lyrics to hear it on YouTube.com…I guarantee this song will stay with you all day…you’re welcome 🤗 )

And its daybreak
If you wanna’ to believe
It can be daybreak
Ain’t no time to grieve
And its daybreak
And if you only believe
Then let it shine, shine, shine
all around the world
Come on and let it
Shine, shine, shine
all around the world

— Barry Manilow,
Adrienne Anderson,
Neil Anderson


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this (apologies for the poor image quality):


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