22-224 Motion

Today’s Mandala

“You control your future, your destiny.
What you think about comes about.
By recording your dreams
and goals on paper,
you set in motion
the process of becoming
the person you most want to be.
Put your future in good hands
– your own.”

— Mark Victor Hansen

Persistence is nothing more
than staying in motion.

— Ken Evoy

“Objects in motion
tend to stay in motion.
Find a way to get started
in less than two minutes.”

— James Clear

Today’s MotD encourages us to move. Whatever hopes, dreams, desires, goals, objectives we have start on them now. Stop waiting for things to be perfect, or letting distractions cloud our vision, or needing conditions to be just right. There is always something that can be done to put things in motion.

When we’re at a loss as to what we can do today about it (them), then take a few minutes to daydream about it, to visualize it already done. What does it look like? What’s happening? How does it feel? Pay attention to (and note) any insights that are gained. We may even get a clearer sense as to something that could be done right now.

Spending even 10 minutes a day on it, in some form, keeps it in motion, it keeps the dream alive. If we are able to spend more time, even better. If what needs to be done feels overwhelming, then break it down into bite-size pieces. If fear holds us back, then spend some time chatting with it (or journal, or draw it out) as if it’s a small child to learn from it what it needs. Chances are it mostly wants to know if it’s going to be okay if we happen to mess up. How would we comfort such a child in that situation?

As added incentive, as we put our dreams (etc) in motion, we give permission (by example) for others to put their dreams in motion.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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