22-257 Pillars

Today’s Mandala

“Hope is the pillar
that holds up the world.
Hope is the dream
of a waking [person].”

— Pliny the Elder

“Love and compassion
are the pillars of world peace.”

— Dalaï Lama

“The people in your life
are like the pillars on your porch.
Sometimes they hold you up,
and sometimes they lean on you.
Sometimes it’s enough to know
they are standing by.”

— Merle Shain

Today’s MotD inspires us to be pillars for others as well as allowing others to be pillars for us. Oxford dictionary offers this definition: a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.

In general we probably find it easier to help others than to ask others to help us. So our challenge becomes learning how to (and being willing to) ask for help. Why do we struggle with this? From Psychology Today they suggest this reason: “The primary reason is fear. We fear that we’ll be turned down, laughed at, or revealed to be a fraud. Though these fears are usually unfounded, we are loathe to ask for help because this seemingly simple act carries a number of high social risks: rejection, vulnerability, diminished status, and the inherent relinquishing of control.” In this same article they offer four tips on how best to ask for help.

Keep in mind…just as it makes us feel good to help others, by asking others for help, we give them the opportunity to feel good about helping us.

“We’re all just
walking each other home.”

— Ram Dass


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this & a shimmer view:

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