22-263 Emotion

Today’s Mandala

“Colors, like features,
follow the changes
of the emotions.”

— Pablo Picasso

“Rational thoughts
never drive people’s creativity
the way emotions do.”

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

“We cannot selectively numb emotions,
when we numb the painful emotions,
we also numb the positive emotions.” 

— Brené Brown

Today’s MotD reminds us to feel our emotions (from the joyful to the painful) while maintaining awareness that we are feeling them so that we may fully process them. From this perspective we can recognize the emotion, allow ourselves to feel it, and then understand it for what it is. Our challenge becomes remembering that we are not our emotions.

Omar Itani states “emotions are simply internal movements of energy that cause disruptions to your neutral physiological stateEmotions are an essential part of what you are, but they’re not who you are.” In his article You Are Not Your Emotions: A Guide on How to Process Difficult Emotions in a Healthy Way, he offer these two rules (in the article he gives an in-depth explanation of both):

  1. There Are No “Good” or “Bad” Emotions, Only “Good” or “Bad” Reactions
  2. You Are Not Your Emotions, You Are The One Experiencing Them (ie: you are not an angry person, you are feeling anger)

“When a problem is disturbing you,
don’t ask
“What should I do about it?”
“What part of me
is being disturbed by this?””

— Michael A. Singer


The Mandala Lady

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