22-307 Aware

Today’s Mandala

“True self is non-self,
the awareness that the self
is made only of non-self elements.
There’s no separation
between self and other,
and everything is interconnected.
Once you are aware of that
you are no longer caught
in the idea
that you are a separate entity.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

“To become mindfully aware
of our surroundings
is to bring our thinking back
to our present moment reality
and to the possibility
of some semblance of serenity
in the face of circumstances
outside our ability to control.”

— Jeff Kober

“I sometimes ask people,
‘Can you be aware
of your own presence?
Not the thoughts
that you’re having,
not the emotions
that you’re having,
but the very presence
of your very being?’
You become aware
of your own presence
by sensing
the entire energy field
in your body that is alive.
And that is the totality of your presence.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Today’s MotD encourages us to be present in a state of awareness…both inside and out. It’s like having an antenna set to “wide open” in order to pick up anything and everything within its range. In this state, we become more aware of all of our senses. We become more aware of what’s at the core of any situation. From this heightened state, we can rise above into observer mode vs reactionary mode, gaining a clearer sense of what step to take next.

Our challenge becomes allowing ourselves the awareness to be present, allowing ourselves to feel it all, allowing ourselves the courage to dive deep within to that which needs to come to the surface, allowing ourselves to come to the truth of who we are: divine beings having this extraordinary experience of temporarily residing in human form. If it helps, we can see this as an experiment, like having a session in the Star Trek holodeck.

“That’s the biggest gift
I can give anybody:
‘Wake up,
be aware of who you are,
what you’re doing
and what you can do
to prevent yourself
from becoming ill.’”

— Maya Angelou


The Mandala Lady

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