22-319 Divine Feminine

Today’s Mandala
Divine Feminine

“When you feel you are being moved
by the creative spirit,
you are in fact being moved
by the divine feminine.”

— Teri Degler

“The feminine are the portals
to forgotten knowledge.
To ancient energy, medicine, creation
and recalibrating the soul
back to it’s original source self.
Before being human got in the way.”

— Nikki Rowe

“The separation
of feminine and masculine
has torn us into pieces.
The balance of feminine and masculine
will bring us back to peace.”

— Rena Kumarasingham

Today’s MotD encourages us, regardless of where we are on the gender spectrum, to embrace the energy known as the Divine Feminine. From Emily Torres’ article on TheGoodTrade.com, she states that “Embracing the divine feminine means examining ourselves honestly and holistically to find the balance that works for us.

From Brianne Hogan on ScaryMommy.com she defines the Divine Feminine as: …”an energy also known as shakti, yin, and lunar energy, and is often connected symbolically to the moon, Gaia (Mother Earth), and water….[it] typically symbolizes intuition, receptivity, compassion, abundance, nurturing, connection, love, and sensuality.” She offers a list of qualities associated with this energy along with ways to awaken it and recognize it in action.

Our challenge becomes nurturing our Divine Feminine by examining how the balance of the hidden and the visible are at play in our lives and how to rectify any imbalances. At the very least we are encouraged to develop and make use of our intuition, to open up to what is beyond just our physical 3D world, and to trust that we know more and are far greater than we realize.

“While the divine feminine represents
the nurturer and healer within us,
the masculine symbolizes
the inherent leader.
Therefore, the divine feminine’s mirror
is the qualities of the masculine.
We need both —
they complement each other,
like yin and yang.”

— Brianne Hogan


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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