22-318 Alchemy

Today’s Mandala

“The secrets of alchemy
exist to transform mortals
from a state of suffering and ignorance
to a state of enlightenment and bliss.” 

— Deepak Chopra

“Every transformation
precedes the letting go
of your previous state.” 

— Levi Ramos

“Some of us
are able to alchemize
our hurt into kindness and trust.
Others repeat the cycle,
wielding their wounds
as a weapon.” 

— Cedar McCloud

Today’s MotD inspires us to be alchemists, continuously transforming into higher vibrations of ourselves each step along the way of our earthly journey. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers this as one of its definitions of alchemy: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.

Our challenge becomes remembering that we have the power to transform ourselves. Today we’re here to be reminded of this power. It comes from within. We access it through being still, connecting with our Inner Self, and listening. It’s simply a matter of wanting to change, being willing to ask for help, and committing to doing what needs to be done.

From a post on Oberlo.com they offer “10 Powerful Steps for How to Change Your Life Before 2023”: (they go into more detail in their post)

If you want to know how to change your life completely, here are 10 steps to follow:

  1. Decide in your heart to change your life, come hell or high water.
  2. Practice stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing discomfort.
  3. Identify the things in your life you want to change.
  4. Define how you want to transform your life.
  5. Identify every possible thing that could prevent you from changing your life.
  6. Choose one significant change or keystone habit to conquer.
  7. Set a SMART goal to help you stay on track.
  8. Help your future-self stick with the program by preparing for tough times.
  9. Get the people in your life on your side and find ways to manage difficult people.
  10. Think long-term, be patient, and focus on the process, not the results.

Finally, don’t wait to get started – start now.

“Alchemy, the masters teach, is the process of linking the spiritual to the material. The alchemist is the bridge between the worlds. It is a process of working inside a mirror, knowing always that in the end, the part will reflect the whole. As inside, so outside.” 

— Thomas Lloyd


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and two shimmer views:


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