22-317 Clarity

Today’s Mandala

“Clarity of vision
is the key to
achieving your objectives.”

— Tom Steyer

“One advantage in keeping a diary
is that you become aware
with reassuring clarity
of the changes
which you constantly suffer.”

— Franz Kafka

“The characteristics
of an authentically
empowered personality are
humbleness, clarity,
forgiveness and love.”

— Gary Zukav

Today’s MotD encourages us to seek clarity in all areas of our lives (personal, work, family, friends, projects, home, health, self-care, playtime, quiet time, hobbies, etc). Without it, we’re just rambling around without any clear direction of where we are, where we want to be, and how to actually get there. The Merriam-Webster defines clarity as: the quality or state of being clear. It begs the question: where in our lives do we need to be more clear?

Our challenge becomes taking the time to honestly assess all areas of our lives (great? good? needs work? unclear? lacking focus, etc.)…and if possible write them all down with their assessment. Then, in the areas where we feel stuck, unclear, uncertain, fuzzy, etc, connect with that “area” asking it to share insight about it (meditation, journaling, walking, etc can help with this).

Some possible questions to ask these areas:

  1. what does it want?
  2. what needs to change?
  3. how does it want to change?
  4. how does it want to look?
  5. or, does it need to be let go?

Without clarity, we’re just ships lost at sea, without a map, without direction. We are encouraged to grant ourselves the precious gift of time to gain clarity…the rewards for doing so will be aplenty.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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