22-334 Moments

Today’s Mandala

“At the end,
one didn’t remember life as a whole
but as just a string of moments.”

— David Levien

“A happy life
is just a string of happy moments.
But most people
don’t allow the happy moment,
because they’re so busy
trying to get a happy life.”

— Esther Hicks

“Realize deeply
that the present moment
is all you have.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Today’s MotD reminds us that our lives are but a string of moments, each one leading to the next one. Our challenge becomes cherishing and being present in the present moment…and the next present moment…and the next…through mindfulness.

What’s the best way to practice mindfulness? Whatever way that works and is easy to implement and remember. For some of us that could mean pausing on a regular basis to take deep breaths, for others it may be listening to music, or doing yoga, or working in the yard. It behooves us to find a practice that resonates with us and helps us stay present.

From an article by Elizabeth Scott, Phd on VeryWellMind.com she offers some ideas to get us started: How to Become More Mindful in Your Everyday Life.

“Life is not measured by time.
It is measured by moments.”

— Armin Houman


The Mandala Lady

(forgot to take a “before” photo)


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