22-349 Backstage

Today’s Mandala

What you don’t see backstage
is what really controls the show.

— Sarah Sutton

“Be kind.
 We never know
what people are going through.
Give grace and mercy
because one day
your circumstance could change
and you may need it.”

— Germany Kent

“The reason
why we struggle with insecurity
is because we compare
our behind the scenes
with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

— Steven Furtick

Today’s MotD reminds us that we are clueless in knowing what most people are going through, just as most people are clueless as to what we’re going through. We tend to keep things inside rather than share for fear of being vulnerable, ridiculed, pitied, judged, or bothering people. So instead we put on a happy face and hope no one notices. Or we’re around people who seem to be okay when really they are not.

Our challenge becomes allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. We may want to start with people we know and trust. Some people will surprise us by being fully supportive and understanding; they may even share the same vulnerability. Others may turn away. That’s okay…we need to understand and accept their boundaries.

At the same time we are encouraged to allow others to be vulnerable with us; to be willing to listen without judgement or trying to fix. It takes great courage to speak truth and to listen to truth. If more of us shared our “backstage” stories, we’d be amazed how many others would come forward and share theirs…and we’d come to realize we’re more alike than we are different.

For help with being vulnerable, Taking Charge of Your Health & Well Being posted this article on vulnerability entitled: Daring to be Vulnerable with Brené Brown

Things aren’t always what they seem
You’re only seeing part of me
There’s more than you could ever know
Behind the scenes.

— Francesca Battistelli


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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