22-350 Order

Today’s Mandala

“In order to succeed,
we must first believe
that we can.”

— Nikos Kazantzakis

“Order and simplification
are the first steps
toward the mastery of a subject.”

— Thomas Mann

is not a matter of intensity
but of balance, order,
rhythm and harmony.”

— Thomas Merton

Today’s MotD encourages us to create some form of order to our lives; building upon what already is, step by step. It’s about creating order out of chaos, which can be anything from a messy desk to 99 chaotic problems in every aspect of our lives. Rather than ignore or resist the chaos, however, it behooves us to befriend the chaos so that we can receive its message….and there is a message.

CreativeKatrina.com states “Chaos offers up an opportunity to reevaluate desires, release expectations, refine your direction, and reach towards new joys and passions — all at once. Take small mindful, heart-centered steps as you move into a new normal, even if it feels like you are going backwards at first. A new path is opening up bit by bit.”

Our challenge becomes recognizing and accepting the chaos as it currently is and then making the commitment to hear what it has to say…Then from that spaces comes the order. Our other challenge becomes remembering that sometimes what looks like chaos is really Divine Order; it’s a way to get our attention so we can focus on what really matters.

As part of her post, Katrina suggests we ask of our “Chaos” these questions as we approach the new year (granted this article was intended for 2020, but they are just as applicable now, if not more so.)

Chaos has its own voice and guidance and it deserves space and time to speak, just like anything else that shows up in life.As we close out the year, as well as the decade, what feels uneven or chaotic in your life?

  • What feels sticky, grumpy, challenging, or stuck?
  • What are you afraid of? What feels too big to say yes to?
  • What are the little whispers that have been tickling your ears for years, calling you to play, explore, learn and create?
  • Where can you be more clear and honest with others about needs, boundaries and desires?

We are encouraged to come to terms with what it is, sit with it, and tap into it and our Inner Resources for guidance and insight regarding the next order of things. By staying present with this energy, we more readily move from one step to the next, in a sweet gentle flow.


The Mandala Lady

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