22-356 Crystals

Today’s Mandala

“In a crystal,
we have the clear evidence
of the existence of
a formative life principle,
and though we cannot understand
the life of a crystal,
it is none the less
a living being.”

— Nikola Tesla

“Of all the forms of water
the tiny six-pointed crystals of ice
called snow are incomparably
the most beautiful and varied.”

— Wilson Bentley

“Rose quartz is said to be
the stone of unconditional love.
This crystal opens the heart chakra
and is believed to encourage
self-love and forgiveness,
and to help you let go of
anger, resentment, and jealousy.”

— Miranda Kerr

Today’s MotD celebrates the natural phenomenon of crystals. From GemSociety.org they define a crystal as “… a solid whose atoms are arranged in a “highly ordered” repeating pattern. These patterns are called crystal systems. If a mineral has its atoms arranged in one of them, then that mineral is a crystal.” While there’s no scientific proof that crystals have any significant effect on energy, emotions, or mental health, for some of us they do offer comfort and support…even if it from a placebo effect. That being said, from the article “Healing Crystals: What They Can and Can’t Do” on Healthline.com “two researchers, the brothers Pierre and Jack Curie, conducted a study in 1880 and found that changing the temperature of crystals and putting pressure on them could create electricity.” So something is going on with them.

For those of us who believe and experience the positive effects of crystals, we are reminded that crystals are a tool we can use to help us in a way that feels right for us. Certain crystals seem to pull us towards them while others have no effect. Our challenge becomes recognizing whether or not they do invoke a supportive energy in us and for us. It comes down to: do what helps and leave the rest.

Additionally from that same Healthline.com article:

“Just as they can provide support for mental health issues, crystals can help you boost your mood. They can be used as a tool to invoke feelings of:

  • grounding
  • connection
  • spiritual meaning
  • purpose
  • a sense of something greater than yourself

“This likely has more to do with your relationship to the crystal rather than the crystal itself. … While it’s unclear how much this affects your energy field, it’s clear that many people believe that they benefit from using crystals.” …

We may never know for sure whether crystals help us through energy or through the placebo effect. Still, as long as you don’t forego medical care, crystals may be a helpful addition to your wellness practice.”


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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