22-357 Assess

Today’s Mandala

“Being aware of challenges
doesn’t make them sting less,
but once you see them,
you can assess the best way
to handle them.”

— Mellody Hobson

are the only creatures
with the ability
to dive deep in the sea,
fly high in the sky,
send instant messages
around the globe,
reflect on the past,
assess the present
and imagine the future.”

— Sylvia Earle

“All I can do
is make the best of what I am,
become accustomed to it,
evaluate the possibilities,
and take advantage of them
the best I can.”

— Jean-Paul Sartre

Today’s MotD encourages us, particularly this time of year, to assess our progress in all areas of our life. From Merriam-Webster, they define “assess” as “to determine the importance, size, or value of”. In order to move forward, it’s best if we assess where we are right now. Our challenge becomes one where we give ourselves the gift of time to look back on our year to assess:

  1. what worked (accomplishments, successes [big and small], milestones, progress, etc)
  2. what could we improve upon (where we may have missed the mark)
  3. what we learned (about ourselves, our goals, relationships, etc)

Once we understand where we are, we’re in a better position to know where we want to go. With that insight, we can better determine our goals moving forward. Melinda Elliott of PossibilityChange.com provides some tips on how to find your goals in life. Jessica Dowches-Wheeler of Bright Space Coaching offers an in-depth article on reviewing the year and setting SMART goals for the new year.

From Jessica: “Taking time to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate the previous year will help you attract what you want in the new year. So often, we want to move on to the next thing, especially after a setback or perceived failure. Instead, welcoming the new year with gratitude will help you see the promise of a fresh start; of limitless possibilities.


The Mandala Lady

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