22-362 Objectives

Today’s Mandala

“Clarity of vision
is the key to achieving
your objectives.”

— Tom Stever

“Effort and courage
are not enough
without purpose and direction.”

— John F. Kennedy

“People with goals succeed
because they know
where they’re going.”

— Earl Nightingale

Today’s MotD encourages us to be clear about the direction we’re heading otherwise we’ll end up rambling around instead of moving forward. To clarify the difference between a goal and an objective, Asana.com offers this: “A goal is an achievable outcome that is generally broad and longer term while an objective is shorter term and defines measurable actions to achieve an overall goal.

This time of year, we tend to create goals for ourselves for the new year; however, most times we forget to or overlook the idea of creating objectives that support these goals. For instance our goal might be to declutter our space (home, office, garage, etc). To give that goal some oomph and direction, we can create objectives (smaller actions) such as: 1) read The Joy of Tidying by Marie Kondo, 2) sort through our clothes, 3) deliver clothes to be donated, 4) organize bedroom closet, and so on.

While goals may be daunting, establishing objectives helps break the goal into manageable actions. Our challenge becomes managing our goals more effectively by creating doable objectives. By doing so we greatly increase the chances of achieving our goals.

For More Information:

Leon Ho on LifeHack.org offers help with understanding and creating goals and objectives. From ThePurposefulEntrepreneur.com Mariana offers further insights into: Goals vs Outcomes vs Objectives. Asana.com also shares How to Write SMART goals (and why they matter).

“If you don’t know
where you are going,
you might wind up
someplace else.”

— Yogi Berra


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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